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Like Minds

November 09, 2006 | Becker Entertainment | 110 minutes
Directed by: Gregory J. Read | Written by: Gregory J. Read | Cinematography: Nigel Bluck | Editing: Mark Warner | Costume Design: Odile Dicks-Mireaux | Production Design: Steven Jones-Evans | Music: Carlo Giacco
Forensic psychologist Sally Rowe (Toni Collette) is appointed by police to determine whether there's enough evidence to lay murder charges against 17 year old Alex (Eddie Redmayne), accused in the shotgun death of his school mate Nigel (Tom Sturridge). With no tangible evidence, the detective on the case (Richard Roxburgh) is under pressure from Alex's father to have the charges dropped. Delving deeply into Alex and Nigel's bizarre symbiotic pact, Sally discovers that though dead, Nigel's effect on Alex is far from diminished.
Cast: Eddie Redmayne (Alex Forbes), Tom Sturridge (Nigel Colbie), Toni Collette (Sally Rowe), Richard Roxburgh (Martin McKenzie), Kate Maberly (Susan Mueller), Jon Overton (Josh Campbell), Amit Shah (Raj Mehta), David Threlfall (John Colbie), Cathryn Bradshaw (Helen Colbie), Patrick Malahide (Headmaster), Hugh Sachs (Rev Donaldson), Liam McKenna (Mr Fergus), Bryan Robson (Mr Evans)
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