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Feb 03

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Toni Collette is set to star alongside Odessa Young in The Prima Donna from writer/director Nathan Silver, a feature that is billed as a “delightfully twisted and darkly funny revenge thriller about dysfunctional family dynamics, the dangers of ambition, and the lengths we will go to make our mark on the world.” The Prima Donna sees Collette playing legendary opera diva Livia Angelli as she prepares to step into the role of a lifetime, just as her estranged daughter Mimi (Young) shows up at her doorstep, right out of rehab. An aspiring opera singer herself, Mimi summons the courage to ask Livia if she can be more than her daughter — she wants to be her understudy. When she’s met by her mother’s derisive laughter and callous dismissal, Mimi snaps, looking to exact the ultimate revenge on the woman who barely raised her. But Livia Angelli doesn’t go down without a fight, igniting a cut-throat battle of wills that sends their lives, relationship, and opera production into a fever pitch. “We’re delighted to be collaborating once again with Toni Collette on this highly entertaining adult thriller,” said Cornerstone’s Alison Thompson and Mark Gooder.