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Mafia Mamma

Directed by: Catherine Hardwicke | Written by: J. Michael Feldman, Debbie Jhoon, Amanda Sthers
Kristin (Toni Collette) is facing a slew of challenges. Her only son is desperate to leave for college, her boss is a sexist pig, and she just caught her unsuccessful, musician husband (Rob Huebel) cheating with a groupie. That’s when she receives a life changing phone call from Bianca (Monica Bellucci), her estranged grandfather’s trusted consigliere, telling her he is dead and she must attend the funeral in Italy. Kristin is persuaded this is exactly what she needs - a free trip to Europe full of pasta, wine, and beautiful men. The trip gets off to a perfect start but when her grandfather’s funeral explodes into a bloody gunfight, she finally learns the truth. Kristin isn’t just there to meet the family, she is there to be the new boss of the fiercest Mafia family in Calabria.
Cast: Toni Collette (Kristen), Rob Huebel (Kristen's husband), Monica Bellucci (Bianca)

Production Notes

Upon the project’s announcement in October 2021, Toni Collette told Variety: “I couldn’t be more excited to make this film with Catherine and the team. It is pure, fish out of water fun with a firm feminist backbone. I think we could all handle an uplifting, laugh out loud story like this right about now. Bring it on Italy!” The project reunites Hardwicke and Collette, who previously worked together on the emotional comedy “Miss You Already” starring Drew Barrymore. “Toni is one of the most versatile actresses on the planet – she can be intensely emotional, super-sexy and LOL hilarious,” Hardwicke said in a statement. “She’s going to dazzle as Kristin. And I personally relate to this woman who has to tap into her inner warrior and earn the respect of a bunch of men – especially after working in the film business. This story is empowering in the most fun way!”

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