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Dinner with Friends

August 11, 2001 | HBO | 90 minutes
Directed by: Norman Jewison | Written by: Donald Margulies | Cinematography: Roger Deakins | Editing: Ronald Sanders | Costume Design: Shay Cunliffe | Production Design: Peter S. Larkin | Music: Dave Grusin
This candid, often-funny drama explores the bittersweet side of friendship through the eyes of two best-friend married couples. Invited to dinner at the suburban home of husband-and-wife food critics Gabe (Andie McDowell) and Karen (Andie McDowell), Beth (Toni Collette) reveals she's breaking up with husband Tom (Greg Kinnear) after 12 years of marriage and two children. This revelation forces Gabe and Karen to reevaluate their seemingly perfect relationship, as well as their friendship with two people who seem to be refusing the life they all once worked so hard to preserve.
Cast: Dennis Quaid (Gabe), Andie MacDowell (Karen), Greg Kinnear (Tom), Toni Collette (Beth), Taylor Emerson (Danny), Jake Fritz (Isaac), Holliston Coleman (Laurie), Angus T. Jones (Sammy), Beau Holden (Al), Dina Morrone (Hostess), Ruth Reichl (Herself), Romulo Yanes (Gourmet Photographer)

Awards & Nominations

  Online Film & Television Association – Best Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture or Miniseries

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