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The Magic Pudding

December 14, 2000 | 20th Century Fox | 80 minutes
Directed by: Karl Zwicky | Written by: Harry Cripps, Greg Haddrick, Simon Hopkinson | Literature: Norman Lindsay | Editing: Richard Hindley | Production Design: Helen Steele, Kelly Wallwork | Music: Chris Harriott
Meet Albert (voiced by John Cleese) a magnificent puddin' who can turn himself into just about any puddin' you can imagine. Only problem is that everyone is trying to steal him and he has the annoying habit of running away at every possible opportunity! It's up to his three friends to look after Albert (also Cleese), Bunyip (Geoffrey Rush), Bill Barnacle (Hugo Weaving) and Sam Sawnoff (Sam Neill). They are out to save the puddin' from the most dastardly puddin' thief of them all - Buncle (Jack Thompson). So grab your biggest spoon and make sure you're ready to tuck in.
Cast: Sam Neill (Sam Sawnoff), Hugo Weaving (Bill Barnacle), John Cleese (Albert, The Magic Pudding), Geoffrey Rush (Bunyip Bluegum), Dave Gibson (Uncle Wattleberry / Possum), John Laws (Rumpus Bumpus), Greg Carroll (Watkin Wombat), Peter Gwynne (Benjamin Brandysnap), Michael Veitch (Bandicoot), Robyn Moore (Henrietta Hedgehog), Jack Thompson (Buncle), Mary Coustas (Ginger), Sandy Gore (Frog on the Log), Toni Collette (Meg Bluegum), Roy Billing (Tom Bluegum)
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