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The first reviews and reactions on “Lucky Them” are pouring in, including some cameo news (probably a spoiler, so watch out): Accordint to The Seattle Times, A little bit of Seattle came to the Toronto International Film Festival last night, and got a standing ovation. Megan Griffiths’ “Lucky Them,” a sweet and wise romantic comedy about a rock journalist (Toni Collette) looking for the musician boyfriend who disappeared long ago, had its world premiere at the Isabel Bader Theater, and it’s definitely a crowd-pleasing hit. Cinematographer Ben Kutchins captures the night neon of Capitol Hill and the Market and turns it into a wonderland, and Collette and Thomas Haden Church (as a friend who aids her in her search – by making a documentary out of it) make a marvelous screwball comedy duo. I saw Griffiths at the post-screening party and she was having a wonderful time, as was writer/producer Emily Watchtel – who spent 11 years getting this project made. Expect distribution buzz to start soon, maybe even today.

And The Malaysia Sun has the following bit: The Toronto Film Festival was reportedly surprised to see Johnny Depp on the screen during the world premiere of Toni Collette’s movie ‘Lucky Them’. The 50-year old American actor who has a cameo in the movie, which is about a rock journalist assigned to hunt down her former flame, a long-unseen and revered musician, stunned the audience as his appearance wasn’t mentioned in the advance press materials for the movie, the New York Post reported. The ‘Lone Ranger’ star was spotted in March on the film’s set in tiny Carnation, Washington, where he had serenaded fans with a guitar.