Credits & Thanks
This website wouldn't be as complete and extensive if I hadn't had the support and contributions by friends and other webmasters, so here's my credit to all beloved helpers in no particular order :-)

Rebecca for being the best contributor you could wish for a website on Toni. She's been a help in the very beginning and has been an astonishing help with exclusive caps, clips and scans. The site wouldn't be as complete as it is without her help!

Anke for supporting my plans to open this site since day one and being a constant help and friend.

Alvaro, Amelie, Mariana, Mycah, Andrea and Riikka for contributing pictures, scans and clips whenever they get their hands on some Toni material. Thanks to all of you for thinking of this site! Also thanks to the many contributors who email me with news, online findings or pictures. It's all very appreciated!

Petra for being the best critic when it comes to website questions, design ideas and also for guiding some rare findings to me. Much appreciated! :-)

Thanks also to those webmasters who had websites on Toni in the past, especially "Pearl in the Shell" for the archive material and their hard work!