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This Marching Girl Thing

Release date: October 01, 1995
Directed by: Kelli Simpson
Written by: Kelli Simpson
Produced by: Ann Turner
Running time: 19 minutes

Toni Collette plays Cindy, baton-twirler extraor­dinaire but whose twisting twirling feats go beyond the stage. A homespun lad, a grooving gal, a daddy cop and a bunch of leotards full of frilled-out twirlettes all make up Cindy's spectacle. Her dazzle is adolescent verve meeting the grown up getting a grip on herself. This drama of crafted and shifting attentions plays to an exquisite rhythm.

Cast & Characters

Toni Collette (Cindy), Matt Day (Peter), Jenny Apostolou (Alison), Tony Rickards (Policeman), Gail McNeillie (Alex), Fiona Clarke (Ruth), Mara Young (Tanya), Cindy-Lee Morris (Linda), Tammy Verheijen (Tammy)