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Original airdate: September 06, 2012
Directed by: Peter Duncan
Written by: Peter Duncan
Produced by: Peter Duncan, Richard Roxburgh...
Episodes: Season 02 Episode 01: R vs Mohammed
Running time: 55 minutes

Richard Roxburgh stars as criminal defense lawyer Cleaver Greene, who tries to take up the most challenging and disturbing cases that no one wants. His private life is not without pickles. In the premiere episode of the show's second season. Toni Collette guest-starred in a daring role as the Australian Prime Minister, Claudia Marshall, whose affair with Cleaver becomes public. This episode is a homecoming for Collette and Matt Day, who plays Shadow Attorney General David Potter, as both starred in "Muriel's Wedding".

Cast & Characters

Richard Roxburgh (Cleaver Greene), Matt Day (David Potter), Russell Dykstra (Barney Meagher), Danielle Cormack (Scarlett Meagher), Caroline Brazier (Wendy Greene), Damien Garvey (Cal McGregor), Kate Box (Nicole), Toni Collette (Premier Claudia Marshall), Keegan Joyce (Fuzz Greene), Roy Billing (Judge Jordan), Lyall Brooks (Detective Smithy), Mitchell Butel (Paul), Rhondda Findleton (Dr. Fisher)