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Blinky Bill the Movie

Release date: September 17, 2015
Directed by: Deane Taylor
Written by: Fin Edquist
Produced by: Jim Ballantine, Barbara Stephen
Running time: 93 minutes

In the town of Greenpatch, Australia, a courageous young koala named Blinky Bill (Ryan Kwanten) tells a story about his father, Bill Koala (Richard Roxburgh) while embarking on a journey across the wild, and dangerous Australian outback in the hope of finding him. Blinky's dad had created their home Green Patch, where every animal could feel safe and live in peace. Blinky has been influenced by the legend of his father, who is on an adventure to the Sea of White Dragons. When Cranklepot the Lizard attempts to dominate Green Patch and become the ruler, Blinky realises that he must go in search of Bill Koala. Throughout his adventure he befriends a girl koala named Nutsy, a lizard named Jacko, and a few other creatures who assist Blinky on his quest. He discovers that being a hero is complicated and requires teamwork.

Cast & Characters

Ryan Kwanten (Blinky Bill), Billy Birmingham (Richie, Tony), Toni Collette (Beryl, Cheryl), Charlotte Rose Hamlyn (Marcia Mouse), Barry Humphries (Wombo), Deborah Mailman (Betty, Blinky’s Mother), Robin McLeavy (Nutsy), Barry Otto (Mayor Cranklepot), Tin Pang (Jorge), Richard Roxburgh (William, Blinky’s Father), Cam Ralph (Robert and Splodge), Rufus Sewell (Sir Claude ‘The Cat’), David Wenham (Jacko), Tracy Lenon (Additional Voices), Steve Cooper (Additional Voices), Fin Edquist (Additional Voices), Gabrielle Joosten (Additional Voices), Ben Wanders (Additional Voices)