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A Little Night Music

Production dates: December 11, 1990 - February 02, 1991
Venue: The Sydney Theatre Company
Directed by: Wayne Harrison
Literature: Hugh Wheeler, Stephen Sondheim
Costume Design: John Senczuk
Set Design: John Senczuk
Music: Stephen Sondheim, Julia de Plater

Hugh Wheeler's musical concerns three mismatched couples: Desiree Armfeldt (Geraldine Turner), an actress, is seeing Count Carl-Magnus Malcolm (John Waters) who is married to Charlotte Malcolm. Frederik Egerman (Michael Smith), Desiree's past lover, is married to the still-virginal Anne (Pippa Grandison), who is half his age. Henrik Egerman, Frederik's son who is also a divinity student, loves his stepmother Anne, who is a year younger than him. Petra (Toni Collette), Frederik and Anne's maid, Madame Armfeldt, Desiree's mother, and Frederica, Desiree's daughter round out the action which occurs in town and at "A Weekend in the Country" at Madame Armfeldt's house in the land of the midnight sun. The musical features a lieder quintet as a Greek chorus.

Cast & Characters

Geraldine Turner (Desiree Armfeldt), John Waters (Count Carl-Magnus Malcolm), Michael Smith (Frederik Egerman), Pippa Grandison (Anne), Toni Collette (Petra), Rachael Beck, Michael Beckley, Chris Dickson, Susan Lorette Dunn, Angela Johnson, Adele Johnston, Brian Langsworth, Diane Smith, Michael Turkic, Bettina Welch


The Sydney Morning Herald, John Carmody (July 23, 1989)
In the role of the randy servant girl Petra, played by Geraldine Turner in the 1974 premiere, Toni Collette shows a lusty vitality and sings her wonder ballad (The Miller’s Son” with a sense of fun […] Despite its shortcomings, I recommend this production. The chance to see this tantalisingly elusive show comes rarely, and the production’s strengths are many. If only they were enlightened by more red cloob in place of sub-artic coldness.