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A Country Practice

Original airdate: May 07, 1990
Episodes: Season 10 Episode 31: The Sting, Part 1
Running time: 50 minutes

Bob fights for his life after receiving a bee sting. Luke and Shirley visit Father Moore's refuge in Sydney. A wayward girl, "Becks," is injured in an explosion. Lucy has moved into the Brennan's and Matt has to live with Cookie when he rents out Esme's room. Becks follows Luke and Shirley back to Wandin Valley and causes chaos in the Gilroy house. Ann collapses in the hospital. Matt is concerned that Lucy's attitude toward him has changed.

Cast & Characters

John Hanlon (Dr. Terence Elliott), Michael Muntz (Dr. Cris Kouros), Lorrae Desmond (Shirley ‘Dean’ Gilroy), Brian Wenzel (Sergeant Frank Gilroy), Matt Day (Julian ‘Luke’ Ross), Sophie Heathcote (Stephanie ‘Steve’ Brennan), Mary Regan (Ann Brennan), John Tarrant (Matt Tyler), Georgie Parker (Sister Lucy ‘Gardiner’ Tyler), Syd Heylen (Vernon ‘Cookie’ Locke), Gordon Piper (Bob Hatfield), Joyce Jacobs (Esme Watson), Georgina Fisher (Jessica ‘Jessie’ Kouros)