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The Estate

November 04, 2022 | Signature Films | 96 minutes
Directed by: Dean Craig | Written by: Dean Craig | Cinematography: Darin Moran | Editing: Annette Davey | Costume Design: Dana Embree | Production Design: Austin Gorg | Music: Will Bates
Sisters Macey (Toni Collette) and Savanna (Anna Faris), learn their wealthy but estranged Aunt Hilda (Kathleen Turner) is dying from cancer. They plan to visit and care for her - and get a hand on her fortune . Arriving to Aunt Hilda’s extravagant estate, they find that they are not the only ones in the family with shifted morals. Their cousins Beatrice (Rosemary DeWitt) and Richard (David Duchovny) have come with the same plan to swoon Hilda into giving them her estate.
Cast: Toni Collette (Macey), Anna Faris (Savanna), Kathleen Turner (Aunt Hilda), David Duchovny (Richard), Rosemarie DeWitt (Beatrice), Ron Livingston (Beatrice's husband), Keyla Monterroso (Keyla Monterroso Mejia), Billy Slaughter (William Maynard), Patricia French (Diane), Danny Vinson (Bill Dunther), Gichi Gamba (Geoff), Kim Baptiste (Doctor), Eric Esteban (Reverend Rose), Ronald Chavis (Nurse)

Production Notes

After high profile dramatic work in „Knives Out“, „Nightmare Alley“ and „The Staircase“, Toni Collette opted for a light comedy that was a fast affair – filmed in March of 2022 and released just eight months later – „The Estate“ came and went quickly, leaving only a trace of dismal reviews. In the film, she plays a hapless New Orleans woman who, along with her bawdier sister, are in danger of losing the family diner when they make a play for the inheritance of their detested dying rich aunt, only to be challenged by their sleazy cousins.

Collette enjoys a comedic departures every now and then – may it be sophisticated comedy like „Madame“, slightly raunchier fare like „Fun Mom Dinner“ or something like the easily forgotten „Birthmarked“ – „The Estate“ finds its place somewhere in between. „When I first read the script, my husband was like, ‘What is going on over there?’ Because I was crying with laughter and really laughing out loud, which is very rare when you’re reading a script,” Collette said in an interview with Yahoo! Entertainment. “It was really fun. Yet again, it’s an ensemble and all of the actors were just so fantastic.”

„The Estate“ had its world-premiere at London’s BFI Film Festival in October and was embraced by its cast during a virtual press junket for promotion. But whatever the fun was filming it, critics couldn’t find it on screen. As so often with films about greed and money, reviews critizised that there’s not one single character in this film to actually root for. „It takes truly terrible script to make such charming and accomplished comedic actors seems so wooden and lifeless“, wrote IndieWire upon its release, while The New York Times wrote: „This is a comedy that takes a vicious, over-the-top look at family greed, and fortunately, the cast members are game to play their characters’ attempts at flattery in the most unflattering manner possible.“

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