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April 17, 2015 | Element Pictures | 93 minutes
Directed by: Gerard Barrett | Written by: Gerard Barrett | Cinematography: Piers McGrail | Editing: Nathan Nugent | Costume Design: Leonie Prendergast | Production Design: Stephanie Clerkin
John (Jack Reynor) has been parenting his alcoholic mother (Toni Collette) way past his breaking point. This point has been further weakened by the fact that he just can’t get his head around his mother’s accelerating, atrocious addiction. In his mind, there was this energetic, gleeful person who mothered him in his childhood, and then this "animal," who either threatens to swamp in her own vomit or to blow in her own tantrums. Driving a cab at night is not exactly a profitable business in Dublin. So there’ll be other questionable business he’ll need to get into if he wants to keep his mother sober.
Cast: Jack Reynor (John), Will Poulter (Shane), Toni Collette (Jean), Michael Smiley (Jim), Gary Ó'Nualláin (Frank), Joe Mullins (Taxi Driver), Shashi Rami (Dr. Shakra), Melissa Maria Carton (Shane's Ex)

Awards & Nominations

  Irish Film and Television Awards – Best International Actress

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