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The Gradual Demise of Phillipa Finch

March 06, 2011
| Literature: Emma Magenta
The Gradual Demise of Phillipa Finch is a multi-platform 2D animated project incorporating interactive web components to bring acclaimed artist Emma Magenta’s newest character to life. Narrated by Toni Collette we enter the world of Phillipa Finch a young woman who realises that she is emotionally dead. As a soulless worker in a spirit shredding job she falls over and goes to the the place for those weighed down by the consequences of caring too much a parallel universe featuring a boy with a quail leg a bearded woman and a fox among other magical things that help Phillipa on her journey to find herself and love again. It is essentially a story about a girl who collects cups, 5 useless lovers, a heart being thrown out a window, hair cutting as a metaphor for suffering, the heroine jumping off rooftops and surviving, a fox, severe amounts of jogging, an oak tree that wants to be a Japanese flame tree, receiving therapy from an ancient bird and finally: dying… as a means to living.

Production Notes

ABC in Australia has launched a cross-platform set of resources surrounding Phillipa Finch, a fictional character designed by artist Emma Magenta. The integrated campaign includes an iPhone game, a 17-part animated TV series narrated by Toni Collette currently airing on ABC1, an interactive website and a Facebook page.. An illustrated novel will come later in the year. Creative types finally have an excuse to play with teacups and hearts in a quirky new iPhone game with a distinctive female voice. How do you revive a broken heart? Phillipa Finch embarks on an adventure to collect magical talismans, aided by cups of tea and some benevolent beings to help her navigate tricky emotional terrain. Help Phillipa on her journey towards perfect love by bouncing her heart from one teacup to another. Watch out for the “emotional cowboys” on each level, who can thwart Phillipa’s journey to love and hope. Make it to the end of each level in good time to receive a bonus score and stars to unlock the next level. Play all the levels and then refine your score.

“Women are under-catered for in the games market,” said Digital Product Development Manager Melissa Firth. “It has been especially good to work with Emma Magenta’s exquisite illustrations and quirky storytelling style to create a game that has such aesthetic appeal and gently addictive qualities.”
Credits The Phillipa Finch iPhone app is part of a cross-platform co-production between the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Screen Australia and Screen NSW and Hopscotch Films. Filming/animation was created, written and directed by Emma Magenta, with Hopscotch Films producer Rachel Okine, ABC executive producer Sally Chesher, animation director Aaron Powell (Red Rocket Nine), animators Cindy Bower and Greg Ingram, assistant animator and compositor Adam Lau, composer Tony Dupé, sound designer Brook Tresize, and sound mixer Sam Petty.

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