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A Pocketful of Hula Dreams

January 16, 1992 | Harold Park Hotel
Directed by: Yaron Lifschitz, Patrick Nolan | Literature: Hilary Bell | Costume Design: Amanda McNamara | Production Design: Amanda McNamara | Music: Scott Saunders
"A Pocketful of Hula Dreams" is a light and wacky musical frolic through Australian surfing in the 1960s. Written by Hilary Bell and first performed in 1987, it centers on a love tussle between an ace surfer, Craig, and the beach beauty queen Nance (Toni Collette). The two are in teenage bliss until the vain and egocentric surfer takes on an adoring friend of Nance's into the lusty confines of his panel van. Nance tries to make him jealous by going to a luau with a bespectacled Greek nerd, Stavros.
Cast: Toni Collette, Sacha Horler, Scott Saunders, Berynn Schwerdt, Felix Williamson
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