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Operation Holy Mountain

May 04, 1990 - May 27, 1990 | Q Theatre Company
Directed by: Helmut Bakaitis | Literature: David Holman | Costume Design: Colin Mitchell | Production Design: Colin Mitchell | Music: Stephen Mann
Thirty adults are cast as 12-year-olds in this play that looks at humanity which has hitched its loyalties to technological progress, sacrificing environmental, animal and human resources in the process. According to its playwright, David Holman, "Operation Holy Mountain" is "a play designed to open our eyes to the deliberate destruction of animals and forests".
Cast: Rodney Bell, Toni Collette, Damon Herriman, Julia MacDougall, Leverne McDonnell, Yves Stening

Production Notes

In 1990, Helmut Bakaitis became the Artistic Director; a role he held for the next seven years, premiering many new Australian plays, both challenging and delighting audiences. Toni Collette made her first professional appearance in Q Theatre‚Äôs “Operation Holy Mountain”, in May of 1990.

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