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On the new episode of WrapWomen’s “UnWrapped” podcast actresses Toni Collette, Molly Shannon and Vanessa Bayer discuss how they’ve prepared for their latest roles based on real people – from studying home video tapes to touring QVC headquarters. First up, we hear from Collette, who currently stars in HBO Max’s “The Staircase.” “UnWrapped” hosts Emily Vogel and Andi Ortiz also speak with “I Love That for You” co-stars Molly Shannon and Vanessa Bayer, who also co-created and co-wrote the show. Though the women aren’t portraying any specific QVC hosts, the series is loosely based on Bayer’s own experience with childhood cancer and her actual obsession with home shopping TV (and the hosts that sold to her). “UnWrapped” is a monthly podcast produced by WrapWomen, dedicated to empowering the next generation of women in media and entertainment. Each episode “unwraps” topics from entertainment news and industry trends to career advice, Hollywood headlines and more.


Toni Collette has been interviewed for Variety’s podcast “Playback”, which is being broadcast on iHeartRadio: Actress Toni Collette already left jaws agape at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year with her acclaimed performance in Ari Aster’s directorial debut “Hereditary.” With the film set for release on June 8, more audiences will be invited into the penetrating breed of terror she and Aster conjure. Collette goes to some dark places with her work in the film and, unsurprisingly, it was an emotional roller-coaster getting there. “Usually when you start a movie, the first few days, at least, there are lighter scenes with less dialogue, if any dialogue at all,” Collette says. “And I turned up and had to go straight into some of the most intensely emotional stuff I’ve ever had to do with loads of dialogue at crazy hours of the day and night. I think it was just a matter of accepting that this was what it was. I just had to show up and do it. It always helps when the script is brilliant, and it really, really was, but it’s an actor’s job to make something truthful, and as you see it is as I read it. You’re only ever as good as the opportunity you’re given.” The full article that accompanies this great interview can be read over at Variety.