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Apr 30

While Toni has rarely been overexposed in the promotional circuit for her work, it comes as a great surprise she’s front and center in this week’s press for the upcoming premiere of “The Staircase” on May 5. Cover stories from the British TV & Satellite Week and the Australian Foxtel have been added alongside more reviews and interviews (don’t get too happy about all the new interviews, it’s always the same :-) For a complete overview of all added scans, have a look at the list below.

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Apr 23

Toni Collette graces the cover of this Sunday’s (April 24) Stellar, inside The Sunday Telegraph (NSW), Sunday Herald Sun (Victoria), The Sunday Mail (Queensland) and Sunday Mail (SA). The “Muriel’s Wedding” star reflects on 30 years in the spotlight, and how older women are hitting their stride in Hollywood. Her schedule is as busy as ever on the heels of Best Picture nominee “Nightmare Alley”, the recent Netflix hit “Pieces of Her” and the upcoming HB Max / Sky miniseries “The Staircase”.

I was blown away when [I was] asked to play Kathleen, but I did take pause. I questioned the actual purpose of retelling this story of tragic loss and, guilty or not, I certainly didn’t want to further fan Michael Peterson’s narcissistic flame. When I realised I could help give Kathleen a voice beyond victimhood, I was in. We experience much more of Kathleen as a whole person, instead of being objectified as she was in the documentary.

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Mar 18

Netflix has published an interview on how Toni Collette, Jessica Barden and director Minkie Spiro navigated Jane’s story, which contains spoilers to the series: Jane Queller is a teenage piano prodigy and heir to a corrupt millionaire whose life is turned upside down after she meets and falls in love with the leader of the Army of the Changing World (and budding domestic terrorist), Nick Harp. Laura Oliver is a middle-aged single mother whose quiet life gets interrupted when she stops a gunman at a local restaurant, making her famous overnight. The women could not be more different, and yet, they are the same. Pieces of Her follows Laura, played by Toni Collette, as she is forced to exit witness protection and confront her past life as Jane, played by Jessica Barden. Jane’s upbringing, including the pivotal moments that land her in government protection, unfolds via flashbacks teased throughout the season, takes shape in the second half. Minkie Spiro directed all eight episodes and was tasked with tracing the evolution of Jane’s trauma over multiple decades, two identities and two performers. “Trauma as a subject really fascinates me,” Spiro says. “I was interested in dealing with present trauma, but also how trauma rears its ugly head years later.” The complete interview can be read over at Netflix.

Jun 12

“Dream Horse” is among the first films to receive a theatrical release as cinemas around the world are opening again. Accompanying its theatrical run in, “Dream Horse” will premiere on Amazon Prime the United Kingdom from September 17. A bunch of reviews and news coverage have been added to the photo gallery, including a nice cover story from the Austrlian Telegraph’s Stellar Magazine. Enjoy the new additions.

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May 21

Here comes a nice interview with Rotten Tomatoes ahead of the US release of “Dream Horse”. For a certain kind of movie lover – read: this writer – nothing could be a more enticing lure back to theaters than the promise of Toni Collette tearing into a meaty underdog role on the biggest screen possible. This week, that certain kind of moviegoer is in for a treat. In Dream Horse, the feel-good Welsh film that critics say has arrived in theaters – after delays due to COVID-19 – at just the right time for a country in need of some serious uplift, Collette plays real-life small-town hero Jan Vokes, a working-class woman who wakes up one day with a singular ambition: to breed a champion race horse. The film, whose story was told in the 2015 Certified Fresh documentary Dark Horse, follows Vokes as she rallies a disparate group of locals – among them Damian Lewis’s initially skeptical local accountant, Howard Davies – to put some money together and make that dream come true. For Collette, who recently wrapped on Guillermo del Toro’s upcoming Nightmare Alley and is currently shooting Netflix drama Pieces of Her in Sydney, Australia, it’s another critically acclaimed performance as a woman whose circumstances are humble but who should not be underestimated, a trait she says she’s been attracted to from the time of her breakout film role as Mariel/Muriel Heslop in Australian comedy classic, Muriel’s Wedding. In Vokes, Collette says she found someone to whom she could relate: “I am a sucker for an underdog story,” Collette says. “Feeling out of place, but having a certain amount of faith in oneself, just having this gut feeling of, ‘I have to pursue this. There’s no real clear reason why, except that I’m backing myself here and I feel it and I have to do it.’” Ahead of the movie’s release, Collette spoke with Rotten Tomatoes about the pressure to get one of Wales’ most beloved (true) fairy tales just right, forming a tight bond with her cast and a horse named Bo, and why she can’t wait to see what the “singular” Del Toro has done with the highly anticipated Nightmare Alley. The complete interview can be read over at Rotten Tomatoes.

Mar 22

“A production designer once told me, ‘never do a movie in a submarine or in space,'” Anna Kendrick recalls. She defied that warning, however, to make Stowaway, the galactic sci-fi thriller from director Joe Penna (Arctic) headed to Netflix on April 22. “It was so simple and so lean, but totally compelling,” Kendrick tells EW of her initial reaction to Penna and Ryan Morrison’s taut script, which inspired her to enter the cosmos despite that well-intentioned warning. The actress stars as Zoe, a medical researcher on a spaceship headed to Mars on a two-year mission. On board with her are the ship’s commander (Toni Collette) and a biologist (Daniel Dae Kim) — and an unexpected stowaway (Shamier Anderson), whom the crew find trapped inside the ship shortly into their mission. With the small craft outfitted only to support three passengers and some irreparable damage done to its life support systems, the crew faces an impossible problem, which only Zoe believes they can solve. “I had never really read anything like it,” adds Collette. “It is contained and the characters are confined but the questions posed, moral and otherwise, are vast and wide open.” While the concept of being trapped in a tiny space may resonate after a year in quarantine, “it’s ultimately about community, survival, and sacrifice,” Collette points out. “Who can’t relate to that at the moment?” For Kendrick, “the thing that feels really relevant is less the isolation of it and more that kind of problem-solving part of your brain that we were all engaging so vigorously in the first couple months of the pandemic,” she says. “Just that constant problem-solving of, ‘wait, okay, how do we fix this?’ And just when it seems like you’re onto something, there’s some very obvious fundamental problem.” The complete interview with Anna Kendrick and Toni Collette can be read over at Entertainment Weekly.