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Aug 13

Screencaptures of Toni Collette’s episode on “Who Do You Think You Are?” have been added to the photo gallery. Quite a suspenseful and very moving episode and a rare glimpse into Toni’s private life and her family’s past. The complete epsisode can be watched on demand at SBS.

Aug 08

Offering a rare look into her private life and her family’s heritage, Toni Collette will be featured on Who Do You Think You Are on August 11, 7:30pm on SBS. Toni has grown up knowing only one grandparent, her father’s mum, Norma. Delving into the enigma of her grandparents she uncovers a tale of abandonment and tragedy, a secret wartime affair, and an unexpected ancestor. And a DNA test serves only to deepen the mystery. A trailer, screencaptures, stills and promotional pictures have been added to the archives.

Feb 24

A bunch of video clips of Toni’s promotional visit to Sundance earlier this month have been posted to the video archive, including a first clip from “Glassland”. Among the new videos is a lenghty appearance on Larry King Now. Together with director Gerard Barrett, she talks about the film and spills some news on exciting future projects. Toni will be appearing on the next season “Who Do You Think You Are” and will be appearing in the screen adaptation of Tim Winton’s “Dirt Music” later this year. While nothing more has been announced, it can be assumed she’ll be playing the female lead. Georgie, the heroine of the book, becomes fascinated in watching a stranger attempting to poach fish in an area where nobody can maintain secrets for very long; disillusioned with her relationship with the local fisherman legend Jim Buckridge, she contrives a meeting with the stranger and soon passion runs out of control between two bruised and emotionally fragile people.