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S03E10: Trainwreck
Showtime  ·  28 minutes  ·  Original Broadcast: June 06, 2011

Directed by: Bille Eltringham  |  Written by: David Iserson, Sheila Callaghan

Official synopsis: Everyone hears shocking news about Lionel Trane. Tara Gregson goes back on medication and tries to rid the house of any evidence of Bryce Craine. Kate Gregson and Evan have trouble defining their relationship. Neil tries to convince Charmaine to move to Houston with him to raise their baby.

Episode Recap
Please note that recaps feature spoilers on the individual episode.
This recap was written by Matt Richenthal for TV Fanatic, June 07, 2011

Despite the title of the previous episode, Bryce truly came out to play this week. Much to the chagrin of Marshall. But if it’s possible for an installment that features a somewhat significant death, along with the outing of a very dangerous alter, to feel like filler, then that would be the case for “Train Wreck.” It was still an interesting half hour, one filled by an especially great performance by Keir Gilchrist as Marshall, but it mostly served as a set-up for the final couple of episodes.

With Bryce now officially in the picture, how will the family handle this eerie development? Marshall already knows, of course. He’s outta there. You really can’t blame the guy, can you? We’ve seen this coming for weeks and he’s been nothing but honest with his father… … who is pretty much left alone now with the spirit (if that’s the right word) of his wife’s abuser of a half-brother. Marshall is leaving, Kate is committed to her new relationship and Charmaine/Neil are rightfully as angry as they can be over that whole stealing Wheels thing. (Does anyone else laugh at loud every time they refer to the baby as “Wheels?”)

So it’s all down to Max, which is also appropriate because the season has given more time to John Corbett than ever before. We get to watch him truly struggle with the issue he’s sort of ignored for years: Tara is a lot more than just a nuisance. She’s a potential danger to everyone she knows. Just ask Dr. Hatteras.

Guest Cast: Patton Oswalt (Neil), Michael Hitchcock (Ted Mayo), Aaron Christian Howles (Noah), Keir O’Donnell (Evan), Michael J. Willett (Lionel), Dan Bakkedahl (Mr. Kern), Jessica Chaffin (Mrs. Fox), Henry Monfries (Rory)