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S03E06: The Road to Hell is Paved with Breast Intentions
Showtime  ·  28 minutes  ·  Original Broadcast: May 02, 2011

Directed by: Jamie Babbit  |  Written by: David Iserson

Official synopsis: Dr. Hattaras notices something disturbing in one of his tapes of a session with Tara Gregson. Neil invites Beverly to see her grandchild.

Please note that recaps feature spoilers on the individual episode.
This recap was written by Matt Richenthal for TV Fanatic, May 03, 2011

United States of Tara ran in place a bit this week, not moving many storylines ahead until the final four words of “The Road to Hell Is Paved with Breast Intentions.” You will not win. These were the same four words typed out incessantly on Tara’s computer to kick off season three, of course, although no information was revealed about them here.

I still assume it’s a new alter trying to break free, and I also assume it will go back to step-brother Bryce. But let’s hope Hatteras brings up the phrase immediately next week and we aren’t left hanging for too much longer. Not much excitement elsewhere on this episode. I’m glad Kate has found a direction, but can’t say I care about her getting rebuffed by that passenger. I doubt we’ve seen the last of him, though, and perhaps he’ll lead somewhere interesting. Meanwhile, Neil got me. I sincerely thought he wanted to get his family back together, only he was using Charmaine’s mother for her money. She, in turn, used him and, in turn, found myself yawning.

Charmaine and Neil are very cute together, and I liked his hint that they should get married – but where are we going here? As I continue to hammer home, I assume the answer will be Bryce and I’m starting to get anxious to him to enter the picture. Overall, somewhat of a filler episode that brought back the mystery of who, exactly, will not win. I’m looking forward to finding out.

Guest Cast: Eddie Izzard (Dr. Hattarras), Patton Oswalt (Neil), Aaron Christian Howles (Noah Kane), Keir O’Donnell (Evan), Pamela Reed (Beverly Craine), Beth Shea (Breast Intentions Celeste)