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Episode 3: A New Organ
Prime Video  ·  50 minutes  ·  Original Broadcast: March 31, 2023

Directed by: Ugla Hauksdóttir  |  Written by: Raelle Tucker, Sue Chung

Official synopsis: The aftermath of a catastrophic plane crash unearths a new consequence of the Power. The veil of political secrecy and misinformation is shattered, and the world as we know it will never be the same.

Episode Recap
Please note that recaps feature spoilers on the individual episode.
This recap was written by Ally Ham for The Review Geek, March 31, 2023

Tunde gets a call from CNN wanting to buy his video and contract him for more. His father wants to forget his journalism dream and stop bringing shame to his family, but Tunde knows what he wants. He later shares the news with Ndudi, who reacts in anger. After all, he got the job from her story, and then he put her face all over the internet without her consent. Unable to make amends with Ndudi, Tunde packs up to leave for his new job. Meanwhile, someone from the Sisters of Christ convent finds Allie collapsed on the side of the road and pulls her into her car. Sister Maria feeds Allie, who introduces herself as Eve. According to Maria, the convent takes in more girls like “Eve” everyday. Girls who have nowhere to go. The girls there reveal to Allie they all have the power. This upsets her, because she thought she was special. But her voice assures her none of them can do what she can.

The head of the convent, Sister Veronica, believes their abilities to be an unfortunate mutation and bans the use of the power. Allie doesn’t want to leave a paper trail and doesn’t think she can stay at the convent, but Sister Maria convinces her to stay. She shares her story of being cast out by her family by coming out as a trans woman. Veronica then found her and took her in but was excommunicated by her church for it. All the sisters here have been looked down on for their kindness. So they came together to create a convent based on that kindness. On Jos’ way to school, the bus driver denies her admittance into his school bus. Today he’s not driving girls. At school, people are talking about the girls who have “it.” Classes get suspended due to a directive from the governor to address the rumor that some girls are experiencing discharges of electricity. Jos’ teacher asks girls who have it to identify themselves. The girls who have it are being escorted out. And Jos’ friend outs both her and Kat as having the power. Margot and Helen go talk to the survivors of the plane crash only to find the feds beat them to it. They are holding a 12-year-old girl because some passengers identified her as the cause of the crash. Rob gets Margot in touch with Tash, his ex, for help.

Tash gives Margot a hazmat suit and sneaks her in to see the girl. She says her hands started hurting a few days ago. She didn’t mean to hurt anybody on the plane and doesn’t know what she did. Margot next talks to the flight attendant. The child jolted her when she tried to put her belt on. At first it hurt, and then it felt amazing. Now, she has the same powers. And she thinks they both brought the plane down. Rob calls Margot to give her news about Jos. They go to her school to find girls trapped in clear cages at the school. They pick up Jos, who tells them about how her powers work. She can’t control it like other girls. It doesn’t happen when she expects it too. They see this firsthand when, in a fight with her brother over the remote, Jos accidentally sends a shock to Matty’s head.

Matty’s injury will be okay, but will lead to scarring. Margot tries to comfort Jos, but she doesn’t want any of it. She thinks Margot only cares about her family when her job is on the line. They then take Jos in for an MRI, and the reading shows that her power is coming from her collarbone, not her hands. It’s a new organ that generates electricity. Tash thinks it could have always been dormant and now has turned on for survival. Teenage girls have developed it out of necessity. Margot calls Daniel to tell him that girls are developing a new organ. And it could somehow be contagious. But Daniel already knows this from the federal investigation and isn’t sharing it with people. Margot thinks he just doesn’t want to ruin his senate campaign, but she wants to tell people and help prepare them. Politicians everywhere are calling the power a hoax. But Margot and Helen want to do the right thing. So, Margot holds a press conference. She announces that teen girls’ powers are not a hoax. They need to give information to women and girls about what is happening in their own bodies, so she shares that the electrical condition is not a virus; it’s the presence of a new organ along the collarbone, and it can be transferred to older women as well.

Margot makes quite a splash through her press conference. After her, people everywhere start repeating what she said. The information spreads. But not everyone reacts with understanding. Many call for capital punishment and martial law.

Guest Cast: Thailey Roberge (Makayla Kelly), Ty Olsson (John Kelly), Karen Holness (Lacey ), Andre Scott (NTSB Rep), Daniela Vega (Sister Maria Ignacia), Cyril Nri (Eniola Ojo), Gianpiero Cognoli (School Bus Driver), Anissa Matlock (Cat Cole), Ashley De Guzman (Yuki), Amanda Drew (Mrs. Elms), Mark Arnold (Mr. Ellis), Ben Joyce (Jonny), Evy Frearson (Taylor White), Nina Barker-Francis (Ashley Belle), Aylin Scott (Claire), Jeanne Cara (Brie Diaz), Tasha Lim (Amaya), Ellie Rose Amit (Hanna), Jessica Lee (Angel), Gracie McGonigal (Farah), Tia Dutt (Hayley), Milly Overland (Lola Ruiz), Tanya Champoux (Hospital Administrator), Link Baker (Federal Agent Warren), Shiraine Haas (Federal Agent 2), Alli Boyer-Ybarra (Luanne), Zaris-Angel Hator (Sima), Zoe Bullock (Gordy), Rob Delaney (Tom), Rita Bernard-Shaw (Jade), Samiah Khan (Talia), Emily Renée (Savannah), Eilidh Fisher (Bailey), Amber Yang (Hong Kong Girl 1), Pei-Ying H (Hong Kong Girl 2), Elise Oliviea (Croydon Girl), Basetsana Motloung (Nigerian Girl), Eva-Jane Willis (Sister Bianca), Emily Kuroda (Sister Veronica), Lexa Doig (Dr. Natasha Bulan), David Beairsto (Principal), Heather Agyepong (Ndudi), Onuchukwu Okafor (Ndudi’s Grandmother), Ahluma Mafuya (Generator Girl), Emeka Sesay (Dami Ojo), Gabriel Carter (Opthalmologist), Raul Herrera (MRI Technician), Angus Kennedy (British Prime Minister), Chris Coleman (Australian Prime Minister), Yuri Klimov (Russian President), Bryan Bounds (US President), Hersha Verity (Indian Female Doctor), Kevin Hand (British Professor), Pierre Scot (French President), Tsuwayuki Saotome (Japanese Government Official), Katrina Bowker (New Zealand Prime Minister), Gabriel Andreu (Chilean President), Alexandru Bindea (Viktor Moskalev), Jay Lim (South Korean President), David Al-Fahmi (Jordanian Politician), Simran Singh (Indian Girl), Brooklyn Letexier-Hart (Guajajara Girl)