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Episode 2: The World is on Fu*king Fire
Prime Video  ·  50 minutes  ·  Original Broadcast: March 31, 2023

Directed by: Ugla Hauksd├│ttir, Lisa Gunning  |  Written by: Claire Wilson, Sarah Quintrell

Official synopsis: As teen girls grapple with their new abilities, parents and political leaders try to make sense of a sudden rash of fires, power outages, blown electrical grids and mysterious burn marks.

Episode Recap
Please note that recaps feature spoilers on the individual episode.
This recap was written by Ally Ham for The Review Geek, March 31, 2023

Margot is informed that emergency services have reached their budget ceiling. Fires are going up everywhere, and they are somehow always due to teenage girls. As a doctor, Rob takes a look at marks on a teenage girl’s arms, concluding that they were caused by electrical burns. He thinks someone has been hurting her. But her mother says she’s only been in normal playground fights-with other girls.Tunde promises to find out what happened to Ndudi, who now rests in the hospital after the shock to her head. But he then decides to upload the video of her electrocution without her consent-although there are already rumors of Ndudi being a witch. Margot sees Tunde’s video and the comments from teenage girls claiming it’s happening to them too. She shows the video to Governor Daniel with an opinion that all the recent fires are connected to this event. He doesn’t take it seriously, but says he’ll have a team to look into quietly and divert the funding she needs. But his real advice is for her to calm down and go be with her husband. At home, Rob and Margot finally sit down to celebrate their anniversary and talk about their days. Rob encourages Margot to let out her anger. She can’t let it brew. As a gift, he gives her a wedding present from his mother and invites her to break it. Letting the rage build over how Danden dismissed her, she throws it on the ground. Jos is also going through a lot as well. When Rob drives her home from school one day, she accidentally sends an electric shock through the car. Rob wonders if it’s the same thing she did with the microwave, but Jos simply gets out of the car and walks away. She may not want to talk to her parents about her new power, but at least she has Kat-and now Ryan, too, who kisses Jos for the first time.

In Carpathia, authorities call the fires acts of vandalism and anarchism, stating that the young female perpetrators will face capital punishment. Tatiana, a former gymnast now married to Carpathian president Viktor Moskalev, simply smiles through it. Tatiana tries to convince Viktor he has more important things to worry about than the pranks of teenage girls, to no avail. She remembers when she was a teenage girl and told by her mother to be quieter, humbler. Her mother visits her in the present day to tell her of her father’s death and ask for money. But Tatiana decides to give her nothing, just her mother never gave her anything. Roxy tries to get her dad to find the men who killed her mom, but she doesn’t think he’s taking the matter seriously. Later, she watches the now viral video of Ndudi. She tells Bernie she can do the same thing. And other girls aren’t even as powerful as her. Taking her dad and brother to a field to show, she then shows them what she’s got.

Allie, meanwhile, continues her journey. She tries praying, but the voice in her head tells her God has done nothing for her. She steals money while hiding her face, wary of the news of Clyde’s death making the rounds; it’s showing Allie as the key suspect in his murder. Eventually, she comes across a broken down car and gives it a jump start with nothing but her hands. But when she accidentally hurts a young girl in the process, the owner of the vehicle pushes her to the ground and drives away. Sore and tired, Allie sits alone in a field to wonder why this is all happening to her. “Because the world is in need of a revolution,” her voice says. And it’s Allie who will be its voice. Across the world, teen girls are becoming more and more powerful. But that comes with its dangers. In the morning, Helen calls Margot with the news: a plane has crashed in the middle of town.

Guest Cast: Colton Mackie (Aidan), Jasmine Lukuku (Shandra), Jasmine Chen (Liu), Ashley De Guzman (Yuki), Tiffany Alycia Tong (Quinn), Brandon Bassir (Liam), Daisy Moran (Sara), Nancy Sivak (Sara’s Mom Kellie), Alexandru Bindea (Viktor Moskalev), Michelle Curteanu (Carpathian Girl), Eliza-Maria Agrosoaie (Young Tatiana ), Greg Canestrari (Coach Mitch), Julia Marcan (Young Zoia), Alex Delescu (Carpathian Journalist), Favour Eziagulu (Chioma), Heather Agyepong (Ndudi), Chima Okafor (Doctor Dapo), Elise Robertson (Mrs. Montgomery), Tim Faraday (Security Guard), Sam Buchanan (Terry Monke), Jonathan Buxton (Male Jewelery Shop Customer), Robyn Scott (Wendy, Pawn Shop Owner), Braam Spamers (Pawn Shop Customer), Iretiola Doyle (Shola Ojo), Lia Giovanelli (Twin 1), Maisie Giovanelli (Twin 2), Robert Hobbs (Harrison), Allon Sylvain (Chassidic Driver), Leslie Mildiner (Van Driver), Anissa Matlock (Cat Cole), Winson Won (Well-To-Do Man), Gabriel Mansour (Ruslan), Dana Voicu (Bunny), Radu Ciobanasu (Adrian)