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Naomi Alderman’s 2016 dystopian thriller The Power was an instant classic of speculative fiction – the kind of thought experiment that destabilizes our sense of what’s possible. What would happen if teenage girls had the ability to electrocute at their fingertips? What would the world be like if women didn’t fear men anymore? How would women wield their new strength, and how would men push back? The novel imagines a cascade of aftershocks as the balance of gender power shifts. Toni Collette hadn’t read The Power when she agreed to star in the Amazon Prime Video series adaptation, premiering this March, playing fictional Seattle mayor Margot Cleary-Lopez. “I often don’t read the source material – I like to focus on the scripts that I’m given, because that’s what’s chosen to be focused on,” Collette tells Vanity Fair by phone from Sydney. But she also points out that the role came to her very abruptly. The series began shooting in early 2020, with Leslie Mann in the role of Margot, but the pandemic shut down production. Last year, Collette was brought in to replace Mann, and all her previously filmed scenes had to be re-done. Vanity Fair has posted a lenghty accompanying article for the teaser trailer, including an interview with Toni. Screencaptures from the trailer have been added to the photo gallery.

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