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May 15

Lots of additional behind-the-scenes videos to promote the weekly episode’s of “The Staircase” have been added, including an “Inside the Episode” featurette including interviews with Colin Firth and Toni Collette, featurettes on the production sites and television spots. Screencaptures from the promotional interviews have been added as well. Among the many positive reviews for the HBO series, this one might be my favorite:

In just two measly minutes, Toni Collette’s staggering work in The Staircase managed to blow her petrifying performances in Hereditary and The Sixth Sense out of the water. Her characters in those films became standouts in her career because Collette has always been disturbingly good at portraying how the challenges of motherhood and the instinct to protect your children war with the interference of the supernatural. But in The Staircase, she manages to say even more with less screen time. (The Daily Beast, Coleman Spide, May 11, 2022)

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