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Apr 11

With many thanks to my friend Jess, screencaptures from the first two episodes of “Pieces of Her” have been added to the photo gallery. I’ll post each update with a synopsis of the episode, so be aware there might be spoilers in case you haven’t watched “Pieces of Her” by now (which you should, in its entirety, on Netflix).

Andy is a 30-year-old 911 operative living with her mother, Laura, a recovering breast cancer survivor. On her birthday, Andy and her mom go into town to have lunch. At the restaurant, things take a decidedly dark turn as an angry gunman opens fire. Seeing Andy’s police uniform, he assumes she is a cop. Laura throws herself between Andy and the gunman, and as he attacks her with a knife, Laura flips her hand with the blade and kills the man. Someone happens to record the entire incident, and within a few hours, Andy and Laura have gone viral. As soon as Laura leaves the hospital, she appears unnerved by her face being all over the news and tells Andy to move out immediately.

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