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Netflix has published an interview on how Toni Collette, Jessica Barden and director Minkie Spiro navigated Jane’s story, which contains spoilers to the series: Jane Queller is a teenage piano prodigy and heir to a corrupt millionaire whose life is turned upside down after she meets and falls in love with the leader of the Army of the Changing World (and budding domestic terrorist), Nick Harp. Laura Oliver is a middle-aged single mother whose quiet life gets interrupted when she stops a gunman at a local restaurant, making her famous overnight. The women could not be more different, and yet, they are the same. Pieces of Her follows Laura, played by Toni Collette, as she is forced to exit witness protection and confront her past life as Jane, played by Jessica Barden. Jane’s upbringing, including the pivotal moments that land her in government protection, unfolds via flashbacks teased throughout the season, takes shape in the second half. Minkie Spiro directed all eight episodes and was tasked with tracing the evolution of Jane’s trauma over multiple decades, two identities and two performers. “Trauma as a subject really fascinates me,” Spiro says. “I was interested in dealing with present trauma, but also how trauma rears its ugly head years later.” The complete interview can be read over at Netflix.