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Sep 10

“I’m Thinking of Ending Things” – or as I’d like to call it “I’m Beginning to Understand Things” – has been on Netflix since last Friday, and I’m sure it has given the majority of us everything from a headscratch to a headache :-) I had a hard time following the story, even when it was told in a linear way, but I lost it once they arrived at the parent’s house. It definately helps to read more about the book – or the book itself – to get hold of what Charlie Kaufman was telling us with his wild, difficult and personally unsatisfying film. The actors have been a highlight though, all four actors were marvelous. Screencaptures from the film, as well as a batch of new posters, have been added to the photo gallery. Many many thanks to Jessie Buckley Fan for the generous contribution of the screencaptures, it’s very appreciated. Please make sure to give Jessie’s fansite a visit, she’s definately one rising star! Enjoy the captures.

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