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In Rian Johnson’s “Clue”-esque whodunit, a large ensemble soars as relatives of a rich patriarch who dies mysteriously on his 85th birthday. “I truly adore every single woman I worked with in this movie,” says Ana de Armas, who plays the dearly departed’s beloved nurse. “I have a special weakness for Jamie Lee Curtis. She went from being the most intimidating person to my closest ally and friend on set. I will never forget the first thing she said to me in between takes. She held my shoulders, pulled me close and said, ‘You have the most expressive eyes I’ve ever seen, you are incredible, you are going to be okay.’ That made my day, my week, my whole shoot!” She continues, “Toni Collette is one the most versatile actresses I’ve ever seen. She can do any genre. I would just stare at her when we were together in a scene. So sharp, funny and free.” Praising Collette’s improvisational gifts, “The craziest things will come out of her mouth,” she recalls. “While Jamie was in the kitchen cooking or making tea for everyone, Toni was in the basement with us playing games. A treat to share this experience with her.” “It’s freeing when actors are openly supportive of each other,” adds Collette. Early mornings in make-up were especially a pleasure for her. “A fabulous way to wake up in cold, dark Boston. Ana provided delicious Cuban coffee, hugs and warmth. Jamie made [everyone] laugh with her outrageous, moving honesty and I provided the tunes. We just couldn’t stop talking and yelling to each other from one end of the trailer to the other. I’m sure we drove the fabulous hair and make-up team bonkers with our constant head craning to listen to each other. Aah, listening to each other! That’s the key.” You can read more about Variety’s Top Female Collaborations of 2019 on their website.