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News.com.au shows us how to spin some very generous quotes about Toni Collette into a hyper dramatic news article with a shock and twist waiting around each corner :-) As Joni Thrombey, the ebullient lifestyle guru with a Cali-girl drawl, Toni Collette is just one of the sprawling, epic ensemble of new murder mystery Knives Out. She’s not the main character: that would be Daniel Craig’s Southern detective Benoit Blanc, nor is she the character with the most bombastic scenes. We’ll award that one a tie between Chris Evans, hilariously playing against type as a wayward trust fund type and Christopher Plummer, injecting his few scenes as Harlan Thrombey, the eccentric crime novelist whose untimely death leads to a murder investigation in which every one of his family members is a suspect. Murder most foul, to be sure, but what Collette does, through her character in Knives Out, is a crime of a different nature – she steals every scene that she’s in. “Toni Collette is a treasure,” Don Johnson, her Knives Out co-star tells news.com.au laconically. “She’s an amazing actress, and if you’re not careful, you will be forgotten in a scene. Because Toni is always working,” Johnson adds. “She’s like rust. She never sleeps.” As director Rian Johnson puts it: “She’ll steal everything, man, even if she’s not saying anything in the background of a scene you’re watching Toni Collette. “Obviously now I’ve edited the movie I’ve seen this stuff a hundred times, but I’ll still watch her. Because every line she does, she’s putting so much nuance into every little thing. She amazes me. I’m convinced she can do anything.” The full article can be read News.com.au.