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May 05

The Mirror has published an article on Janet Vokes and her book “Dream Horse”, which will be adapted into a film starring Toni Collette: A barmaid who beat the odds to breed a champion racehorse has shared her story – and it is going to be made into a film. Janet Vokes was pulling pints in a working men’s club when she ­overheard a conversation about ­owning a racehorse. “That conversation changed my life,” says Janet, 65. Determined to prove that anyone could succeed in the sport of kings, she bought a mare for £350 and paired it with a pedigree stallion. She then helped create a syndicate of 23 ­residents from her village in a historic mining area. Each paid £10 a week to raise the foal on a slag heap allotment. Dream Alliance went on to win the Welsh National in 2009 and has already featured in an award-winning Netflix documentary, Dark Horse. But Janet has now told her own personal story in a book, Dream Horse, which was released last month. A film of the same name is to follow – featuring an all-star cast. Janet says: “I had given thought to writing a book after the documentary but didn’t have the time. It has taken around a year to put the book together. “It tells the story from my childhood, how I met my husband and then there was Dream. “The documentary was fantastic but I feel like I had more of a say over the book.” In the film, Janet will be played by Toni Collette, from Sixth Sense and Muriel’s Wedding. Homeland’s Damian Lewis stars as a member of the syndicate in the South Wales village of Cefn Fforest. Bafta-winning director Euros Lyn is also on board and has called Janet an ­“extraordinary heroine”. Janet says: “Dream turned our lives upside down and took us places we’d never even dreamed of.” Dream competed in the 2010 Grand National but pulled up after the ­seventh fence. He ran in seven more races but was unplaced and was later diagnosed with a lung condition. He was retired in 2012 and today ­enjoys a slower pace of life in Somerset.