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Oct 20

The fifth episode is probably the most special of the series. By now you might have realised that this is not an action show. Also, since episode 4 the show loses a bit of its pace, maybe intentionally because the fun and the excitement of the first 3 episodes comes to a halt and Joy has to witness the effects of her actions to her environment. But most certainly this is a special episode because it consists solely of a therapy session between her and Angela, her therapist. This might be dragging for some viewers, for the rest it’s a masterclass of acting by Toni Collette and Sophie Okonedo. These two really shine and deliver their brilliant dialogue subtly and powerful. Toni wrote about the episode on her Instagram: “This episode was one of the most incredibly intimidating, thrilling and satisfying work experiences of my life. Sparring with my good friend and one of my favourite actors of all time #sophieokonedo Love you Soph”.