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Aug 24

The BBC1/Netflix series “Wanderlust” will premiere October 19 in the United States, Entertainment Weekly has revealed exclusively. “Wanderlust is an exploration of love and sex and how we navigate our relationships today. It focuses on a married couple, Joy [Collette] and Alan [Steven Mackintosh], whose sex life is flat-lining, so they come to the conclusion that they are going to try something more radical to resuscitate it,” executive producers Jude Liknaitzky and Roanna Benn tell EW. “But the show also explores the impact their decision has on those around them and shows how everyone is struggling with or exploring sex. We always wanted to make a show that looked at sex in a truthful way and honestly showed how crucial sex is to relationships.” Collette’s Joy is a therapist who is ” trying to find a way to keep her spark alive with her husband after a cycling accident causes them to reassess their relationship,” according to Netflix’s description of the series. “Toni was also our absolute dream casting,” the producers say. “Toni has it all — she is such a clever actress with such range. She has made Joy into an iconic character with such wit and depth and she makes her someone you just want to watch and watch.”