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Aug 18

In a recent interview with Yahoo Movies, Toni Collette has shared some details on the upcoming horror film “Hereditary”. There hasn’t been an official announcement on the production and it was only mentioned earlier in an interview by actress Ann Dowd, who’s in the film as well – and mentioning Collette being “terrific”. Sounds like we’ll have prepare covering our eyes for this 2018 release:

Recently, I filmed a movie that really was the hardest job of my life, this horror film called Hereditary with a writer-director called Ari Aster. Gabriel Byrne played my husband, and it’s an intense one. It surprised me every day. I think if I’d really contemplated it any more before I started, I might have just run the other way, because every day was just so much more full-on than I even anticipated. So I just had to take it one step at a time. But in a perverse way it was really satisfying, even though it was like twisting myself inside out.