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Nov 17

Guy Pearce and Vanessa Redgrave are joining the already impressive cast of Fred Schepisi‚Äôs romantic thriller Andorra, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed. Pearce will star as Alexander Fox, a bookseller who leaves the U.S. after a personal tragedy to begin a new life abroad. The tiny country he chooses – Andorra – is an idyllic escape, offering Alexander the chance to reinvent himself. As he meets new people in paradise, the mystery of his origin deepens as he’s suspected to be tied to a mysterious murder. Alexander finds himself in a crisis of conscience and identity, in a foreign country from which he may never be able to escape. Clive Owen was originally cast as Fox, but is shifting roles, opting instead to play the supporting part of Mr. Dent, who shares a volatile secret with his wife, played by Toni Collette. The change is due to scheduling. Gillian Anderson, Joanna Lumley and Riccardo Scamarcio round out the cast of the film, based on the Peter Cameron novel. The screenplay has been adapted by Cameron and Jamie Bialkower, who is producing for Jump Street Films alongside Schepisi, Lizzette Atkins and executive producers James Ivory, Production in Italy is scheduled to begin in April. It is confirmed to receive production investment from Screen Australia.