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Jun 08

Another new project for Toni! According to the Daily Telegraph, Collette stood out in a cast of men on the set of the new TV series Devil’s Playground in Darlinghurst, dressed conservatively in a blue woollen dress with felt hat – a costume meant to reflect 1980s Australia and not the 1940s as it appeared to observers. The actress has only a small role in new six episode Matchbox Pictures/Screen Australia mini-series which is being directed by Rachel Ward and Tony Krawitz.

Collette wrapped her small role on Wednesday ahead of an appearance on the red carpet last night for the premiere of The Way, Way Back. Also starring in Devil’s Playground, the sequel to Fred Schepisi’s original film The Devil’s Playground, is Jack Thompson who looked the part in clerical robes suggesting he will play either a Catholic cardinal or bishop in the production, to be broadcast on Foxtel. Actors Simon Burke and Christopher Stollery joined Collette and Thompson on Sydney set this week.