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Feb 07

Ben Kingsley, Toni Collette, Elle Fanning and Isaac Hempstead-Wright will all lend their voices to “The Boxtrolls,” a new 3D stop-motion animated feature that Focus Features and LAIKA have parntered on, the two companies announced on Thursday. LAIKA has begun production on the film. It has previously made “Coraline” and “ParaNorman,” which is nominated for a Best Animated Feature Oscar this year. Based on Alan Snow’s fantasy adventure novel, “The Boxtrolls” is a comedic fable set in Cheesebridge, a Victorian-era town obsessed with wealth and odiferous cheese. According to legend the titular characters are sewer-dwelling monsters who surface at night to steal both children and cheese. In reality, they are endearing goofballs who wear cardboard boxes like turtles wear shells. The cavern-dwellers raise Eggs, an oprhaned human voiced by Hempstead-Wright. Archibald, a pest exterminator voiced by Kinglsey, wants to eradicate the boxtrolls to gain entre into high society. A rich girl, voiced by Fanning, tries to bring the gap between the two worlds. The complete article can be read at Yahoo Movies.