Posted on August 25th, 2012 by Frederik

After its world premiere at the Melbourne International Film Festival (which Toni did not attend), reviews and additional media on “Mental” has found its way online. First of all, a bunch of new production stills have been added to the gallery. You can also find a new promotional still and the Australian poster with thanks to my “Mental”-source Justine for the heads-up.

The Hollywood Reporter has seen the film and has posted an interesting review: If there’s method to writer-director PJ Hogan’s madness, it’s not obvious from the unruly opening frames of Mental, a suburban comedy that celebrates mayhem and mischief-making as the correct responses to societal straightjackets. But, aided and abetted by the rule-defying Toni Collette, whose onscreen powers have only multiplied since the two worked together on the much-loved Muriel’s Wedding in 1994, the equally dissident filmmaker soon makes it clear he’s in control of the crazy. The complete review can be read here. There’s another article by the ABC on the film’s opening at the Australian International Movie Convention.

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Cant wait to watch this movie.

Sep 02, 12 at 1:44 am

Hi Toni Writing to you from the Forest in NSW……Listening to Look Up…on Repeat …hehehe..what can l say Go Girl…Love Your Work…Love You…Grateful for the Gift of You…Sending Blessings
all round with Much Love & Light …Whitedove…<3

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