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Toni Collette, has joined the international humanitarian organization, Concern Worldwide, as its first official Global Ambassador.

I am deeply honored to join Concern as their first Global Ambassador,” says Ms. Collette. “I know I am becoming part of a global team of men and women committed to transforming care and empathy into real, direct and effective action that creates lasting change in the lives of some of the world’s poorest people.

As a Global Ambassador, Ms. Collette will work to shine a light on the challenges facing those impacted by poverty, war, conflict, and natural disaster. In this role, Ms. Collette will travel to Concern’s program areas, which include 25 countries across Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and Caribbean, to bring much-needed attention to the conditions of those living in extreme poverty and in emergency and conflict environments. “We’re so grateful that Toni has agreed to make Concern Worldwide her chosen cause because we know that she can have a transformative impact on our work,” says Dr. Joseph Cahalan, CEO of Concern Worldwide U.S., the organization’s affiliate headquartered in New York City. “Toni has a rare ability to translate concern into action, having helped us reach countless new friends and donors as part of our Concern Gifts program in the last two years. Now, as our ambassador, she can help us reach millions more and strengthen our effort to change the lives of the world’s poorest people.” In 2012, Ms. Collette lent her celebrity to Concern’s global campaign to fight malnutrition and hunger and later to a holiday appeal to make a difference to families across the world through gifts such as livestock, clean water, and health care. Together, the campaigns raised money that helped Concern fight poverty, hunger, and disease, and ultimately save lives.

Three production stills and the poster from the upcoming Broadway play “The Realistic Joneses”, starring Toni Collette, Michael C. Hall, Marisa Tomei and Tracy Letts, have been added to the photo gallery.

The Washington Post has a great interview with Toni Collette. In Will Eno’s Broadway play, “The Realistic Joneses,” opening April 6 at the Lyceum Theater, Toni Collette plays Jennifer Jones, a woman whose laconic husband (Tracy Letts) has a rare terminal illness. When her new neighbors, also called the Joneses (played by Michael C. Hall and Marisa Tomei) show up, the four characters start interacting in all sorts of weird ways. Mr. Hall’s character can’t seem to stop talking – he says all the things most people tend to keep to themselves; Ms. Tomei’s is an emotional mess; and Ms. Collette’s Jennifer has the difficult task of keeping it together when everyone around her starts to lose it. Ms. Collette, who became a worldwide star 20 years ago as the adorable star of ‘Muriel’s Wedding,’ has gone on to play everything from a schizophrenic mom in “United States of Tara” and an unhappily married yuppie in last year’s “Enough Said” to the mother of a child pageant star in “Little Miss Sunshine.” The complete interview can be read here.

Screencapturs are currently being replaced by higher quality Blu-Ray and DVD versions. While most of Toni’s films from the Ninetess have been updated already, screencaptures of four of her films – The Sixth Sense, About a Boy, The Night Listener and Little Miss Sunshine – have been replaced, including making of screencaptures and deleted scenes. Click the previews below for a full list.

Photo Gallery – Film Productions – Little Miss Sunshine – Blu-Ray Screencaptures
Photo Gallery – Film Productions – Little Miss Sunshine – Making Of Screencaptures
Photo Gallery – Film Productions – The Night Listener – DVD Screencaptures
Photo Gallery – Film Productions – About a Boy – DVD Screencaptures
Photo Gallery – Film Productions – About a Boy – Deleted Scenes
Photo Gallery – Film Productions – About a Boy – Making Of Screencaptures
Photo Gallery – Film Productions – The Sixth Sense – Blu-Ray Screencaptures
Photo Gallery – Film Productions – The Sixth Sense – “Reflections from the Set” Screencaptures

The gallery is currently being sorted, especially the career albums. All production stills have been sorted and replaced with better quality versions. Additionally, new stills from pretty much all of Toni’s films have been added. To watch all last added pictures, click any of the previews below. Next up will be screencaptures.

The Telegraph has published a nice interview with Toni Collette for the UK release of “A Long Way Down”. They also talk about her early career and the current filming of “Glassland”. Twenty years ago, when Toni Collette was 21 years old, she got on a plane to France to watch her new film, Muriel’s Wedding, for the first time. “I turned up at the Cannes Film Festival, which is madness itself,” she says, “and I sat there in an auditorium with a few thousand people, and it was the most intense response. I mean, very, very positive and very vocal and very focused on me.” She laughs. “They pulled us all up onto the stage afterwards, and I thought it would be maybe one minute, but we were standing there for… ever. It was like 15 minutes of people clapping and cheering and hooting.” How did she feel, I ask? “Uncomfortable!” she says. “I was elated but I was also very jet-lagged, and it was just surreal. It was strange… and wonderful.” The first time most of the world noticed Toni Collette she was playing Muriel Heslop, a gauche, Abba-loving ugly duckling desperate to escape the suburban hell of Porpoise Spit, Queensland. People still come up and talk to her about Muriel “all the time”, she says. “It’s been used in schools and therapy, because it’s got so many different elements you can tap into.” The complete interview can be read here.

Besides the Berlin Film Festival, this and the last week has been equally busy for Toni. She promoted “A Long Way Down” in Switzerland, attending the film’s premiere in Zurich. And yesterday, Toni – alongside her co-stars Marisa Tomei, Michael C. Hall and John Wells, attended the press review for their upcoming Broadway play “The Realistic Joneses”. Pictures from both appearances can be found in the photo gallery.

Photo Gallery – Appearances – 2014 – “The Realistic Joneses” Press Review
Photo Gallery – Appearances – 2014 – “A Long Way Down” Zurich Premiere

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