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Toni Collette Online is created and maintained by Frederik, is an unofficial website and not affiliated with Mrs. Collette herself or her ageny in any way. The cause of Toni Collette Online is to represent her work in an accurate and up-to-date version for fans all over the world. Information and photos about her private life won't be published on this website, as this topic shouldn't be interesting to fans.
Site History
The first time I saw Toni Collette was in the late 1990s when I watched "Muriel's Wedding" on television by accident. I didn't know anything about it, or much about Australian film, but by the end of it I felt like having watched something special. Only a few weeks later I went to see "The Sixth Sense" with friends - and remembered Toni's name when reading it in the opening credits. When the film had ended, again, I was certain to have just watched one of the greates films of all times - but who I didn't see throughout the film was Toni Collette! Back home I had to google (or whatever search enginge you were using in 1999 ;-) to find out what role she played - and was stunned to find out that the quirky Australian teenager and the stressed out American mom where the same person. What talent to portray such diverse characters, with only a short span of years in between. After this I was hooked by Toni as an actor and have followed her career ever since. Still, it took me a couple of years until I started this web project on her, opening its doors just in time for the international release of "In her Shoes" in 2005. The timing couldn't have been better since Toni went on to helm one fantastic project after the other, may it be smaller independent pieces like "The Dead Girl" or hits "Little Miss Sunshine", her own television show that won her an Emmy and a Golden Globe, to touring with her own band, to becoming a mother. Whenever there have been quieter times, mostly because Toni has never used her private life to keep her name a household one, I was able to flip through the site and remind myself on the many great projects she has done so far and also articles, photos and clips. And thinking that fans have the same opportunity by visiting Toni Collette Online, I'm glad and also proud to have started this project.

First film I've seen with Toni: Muriel's Wedding
Favorite Performances: Muriel's Wedding, The Sixth Sense, The Dead Girl

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