The Sunday Times (2006)
Toni's Moody Blues
January 21, 2006
Hollywood star Toni Collette has finished recording her debut album and is set to embark on a national tour with her band, The Finish, in the next six months.

The "moody pop rock" album, Beautiful Awkward Pictures, is the result of Collette's collaboration with her musician husband of three years, Dave Galafassi, formerly of the band Gelbison.

Having successfully conquered the illustrious heights of the Hollywood film industry, the down-to-earth Aussie actor has committed to establishing a solid reputation as a recording artist over the course of 2006.

Far from having a fanciful stab at a singing career as per some of her tinsel-town colleagues - just think Gwyneth Paltrow and Patrick Swayze - Collette insists she is an accomplished musician who has been playing since childhood.

"I know you hear about actors wanting to be rock stars, and it sounds like a nightmare, but I've been singing since I was little. It's been a long time coming, and I don't apologise," said Collette, who has performed in musicals from Sydney to Broadway, even receiving a Tony nomination for her performance in The Wild Party.

While dates for the tour are yet to be scheduled, Collette's booking agent, Homebake promoter Joe Segreto, said the aim was to deliver Toni Collette and The Finish to every capital city across Australia.

"Toni is really an incredible talent - she can bloody well sing," Segreto told The Daily Telegraph.

While the band are yet to pick up a major record deal, Collette's super-star status is likely to speed up the negotiations at the big end of town.