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Newsweek Magazine (2005)
Q&A: Toni Collette
October 10, 2005 | Written by Nicki Gostin
She charmed us in "Muriel's Wedding," scared us in "The Sixth Sense"-and is about to make us cry in the tear-jerker "In Her Shoes." She spoke with a fellow Aussie, NEWSWEEK's Nicki Gostin.

Hi, Toni Collette. How are you?

A little bleary. I just came back from Japan.

So the No. 1 question you're being asked about this movie is-

What is it with women and shoes? I love that you're not asking that.

I will later. I was going to ask you about putting on all that weight.

Oh, right. I previously said I wouldn't put on weight for a role again, but I think I would have done anything for this movie. And I think the weight is so pertinent to how the character sees herself.

How much weight are we talking about?

Twenty-eight pounds. Not as much as "Muriel's Wedding." I put on 45 for that.

So, back to shoes. Do you have any Manolos?

I have a vintage pair.

That's a bit classy.

You think secondhand shoes are classy?

Why do Australian actors do so well in the States?

Maybe there's some kind of honesty, a frank quality, which is innately Australian.

Who's a more famous Australian actor-you or Russell Crowe?

I hope Russell Crowe.

That was a trick question! Russell Crowe's from New Zealand.

Darling, I told you-I'm half asleep.

What were you doing in Japan?

I just went to the sumo-wrestling championship. I was screaming and yelling and drinking Japanese beer.

Did you feel like a stupid Aussie?

No, I didn't feel like a stupid Aussie.

I'm only teasing, luv.

I'm laughing. On the inside.

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