Cinescope (2000)
I was in love with Bruce Willis as a teenager
October 26, 2000 | Written by Edda Bauer
As a fat, naive girl, Toni Collette dreamed of the day of her dream-wedding. And who could know in 1994, that the australian indipendent comedy "Muriel's Wedding" would turn to a worldwide success and make the sydney born actress to a much liked hollywood actress. Now, the 27 year old Collette's not longer playing na´ve parts. Her role of the mother in Sixth Sense made her an oscar nominee, in John Singleton's "Shaft" she is the only witness of a rassistic murder.

Has "Muriel's Wedding" changed your life?

Totally. From the one moment to the other, everything was different than before. I was invited to festivals around the world. I was getting to know so many new people. God, that was great. But on the other hand, the success has changed me personally.

And you still live in Sydney?

Of course. I'd never move away from there. Whatever, how long I have to work in Hollywood, I always drive home. Even when I have a engagement at the Broadway, I always take some time for myself. I'll never stop making movies in Australia.

Do you feel as a star since your successful hollywood movies "The Sixth Sense" and "Shaft"?

No, how could I? This success may only mean that I earn a bit more than for my roles in Australia. And I'm with famous actors in front of the camera. The offered roles have become more, which is the dream of every actor. Okay, I have to confess that I felt head over heals in love with Bruce Willis when he did "Moonlighting", so I was big nervous to shot with him "The Sixth Sense"

You may have the most understandable part in "Shaft". How much personal came that role to you?

Normally, I become one with my character, but this time I felt hard with it. There were moments, where I was wasn't able to. I just wanted to shoot the scenes, go home and laugh again. To be in such a depressing situation is hard to play, not easy. Also, because there was no rassism on the set.

Have you seen the "Shaft" movies of the 70's?

No, I tried to before the night of my casting. But I sadly fell asleep. I was interested in the style of the movies, this special american 70's style of the black people. Because this should be included in the new version of "Shaft".