Charity & Causes
Here's a list of the groups and events supported by Toni. If you have further information on her charity work, please drop me a line.
Toni Collette showed her support for Greenpeace by joining the City to Surf team, which took part in the Sydney fun run August 8, 2004. "Greenpeace do an important job in protecting our environment. Id urge everyone to get out there and do something simple and enjoyable for the planet," she said. Ms Collette joined the team of other famous faces such as Lonely Planet travel publishing co-founder Tony Wheeler, and members of ABC TV series The Election Chaser and CNNNN, Julian Morrow and Chas Licciardello.

AFC Big Screen - Touring Australian Films
Big Screen is a travelling film festival - an AFC initiative that takes a selection of contemporary and archival films, documentaries and shorts to remote, regional and rural communities around Australia. Big Screen is supported by Toni Collette, her colleagues Bryan Brown, David Wenham, Sam Worthington and Sophie Lee, as well as many beloved Australian personalities. "The Boys", the provocative thriller starring Collette and Wenham, is among the Big Screen film presentations.

Save Ningaloo Reef Campaign
The Ningaloo is a 280 km long 'fringing' coral reef skirting the Cape Range karst limestone peninsular, mid way up the West Australian coastline, 1200km north of Perth. Ningaloo Reef is the longest western fringing coral reef and one of the last healthy major coral reef systems in the world. Its region is so unique in its profound biodiversity that it easily qualifies for World Heritage Listing. This has not yet happened, however the WA governement is currently preparing a nomination. Toni joins the support with speaking out public about saving the Ningaloo and there has also been a cover story in the Australia's "West Magazine" in 2002.