Uncle Vanya
Directed by: Neil Armfield
Directed by: Anton Chekhov
Location: Sydney Theatre Company
Production Dates: August 19, 1992 - September 26, 1992

Chekhov’s tragicomedy, replete with the kinds of characters we have come to know as Chekhovian, incorporates unrequited loves and a murder plot while exploring the social roles of women and the notion of progress. In “Uncle Vanya”, the family lives in a country home, working all their hours to support their favoured ‘son in law’, who is called Serebryakov, the widower of the family’s daughter. Vanya, Sonya (Toni Collette), Mother and the old family nurse live in the countryside ekeing out an existence and sending the rest to their son in law in the city. When the son in law comes to visit, he brings his new wife with him Helena, a beautiful but insipid woman who is many years his junior.
Cast & Characters
Geoffrey Rush (Astrov), Toni Collette (Sonya), Helen Buday, Peter Carroll, Max Cullen, Melissa Jaffer, Warren Mitchell, Colin Moody
Production Notes
Toni Collette, Vogue (August 1998): "I asked Neil Armfield why he wanted me and he said, 'because of your teeth', which I found really funny."