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Apr 04

Here comes a real treasure from the past. In April 1996, Toni Collette attended Late Night with Conan O’Brien to promote the US release of “Muriel’s Wedding”. She talks about making the film, attending the Academy Awards for the first time and meeting Madonna, as well as the American cultural influence on Australian television. It’s a very funny interview and great to see Toni at such an early stage of her career. Credit and many thanks to mjp3210 on Youtube for uploading this gem. Enjoy!

Dec 20

The first few minutes from the upcoming “Foster” have been uploaded on Youtube, have a look at the clip below. I love Toni’s accent :-)

Aug 31

Here comes a very rare treat, thanks to the folks at Entertainment Tonight. In 1995, they interviewed Toni on the streets of New York while being in the city to promote “Muriel’s Wedding”. She shares her thoughts on the Big Apple, asks for a price at Tiffany’s and bumps into her co-star Rachel Griffith. The interview can be watched in the video archive.

Aug 21

Two additional clips from “Fright Night”, now in US theaters, have been added to the video archive.

Aug 18

Two film scenes from Fright Night have been added. The horror film releases US theaters tomorrow! Edit: A third clip has been added as well.

Aug 15

This week’s release of “Fright Night” in US theaters brings new promotional material to raise word on the film, including plenty of Toni material. While I think she won’t be doing any press for it since she’s filming in Australia, these clips make up for it :-) An interview on the film and her character as well as a look behind the scenes. Additional interviews and b roll can be found at TrailerAddict. Enjoy the clips!