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455 HD captures from Tara’s sixth episode “The Road to Hell is paved with Breat Intentions” have been added to the gallery.

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450 HD captures from Tara’s fifth episode “Dr Hatteras Magical Elixir” have been added to the gallery.

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On showtime’s United States of Tara, Toni Collette, 38, plays a peculiar suburban mom who inhabits seven other identities, including a gun-toting guy. We checked in with the eighth version of Collette, the Golden Globe- and Emmy-winning actress herself, pregnant (at press time) with her second child and due in late April, from her home in Sydney.

How did you hide your pregnancy on the show?

By “standing behind large objects. So I’m stirring lots of large pots and carrying lots of plants and books.”

How do you and your husband divide parenting?

Collette and her husband, musician Dave Galafassi, who have recorded an album together, “share everything. My husband is supportive, handsome, a useful human being. He’s a miraculous man. They do exist.”

What misconceptions do we Americans have about Australians?

“We live in the outback with kangaroos and don’t have cosmopolitan cities and lives.”

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470 HD captures from Tara’s fourth episode “Wheels” have been added to the gallery.

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410 HD captures from Tara’s third episode “The Full F… You Finger” have been added to the gallery.

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