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“Wanderlust” premieres on BBC1 tonight, and so far it has received some of the silliest promotion from the British press one can imagine. I won’t bother linking to any of the “most X-rated drama ever”, “groundbreaking sex scenes” and “first orgasm on the BBC”. I assume those who tune in because of these headlines will be in for a disappointment. We’ll find out later today. In the meantime, the Telegraph’s Stella Magazine has run a cover story on Toni this Sunday. Here’s a preview: In the 20-plus years that she’s been on our screens, Toni Collette has tended to avoid playing characters she has much in common with. That, she reasons, would just be boring. It means she wasn’t ever like the awkward Muriel Heslop in her breakout film, Muriel’s Wedding. Nor has she been a suicidal hippie like Fiona in About a Boy. And (as far as she knows) neither of her children sees dead people, as her son in The Sixth Sense did.But Toni’s next role is as a therapist. And within a few minutes of her relaxing into a chair in the West End restaurant where we meet, I suspect she’s fairly good at giving profound advice. You can read the complete article on The Telegraph, in case you have a premium membership for their articles.

Posted on September 4th, 2018 by Frederik

Article from Radio Times for today’s premiere of “Wanderlust” on BBC1: In some ways the concept behind Wanderlust is a hard sell: a drama about the sex life of a middle-aged married couple? And the wife is a psychotherapist called Joy whose whole life has been shaken up by a cycling accident? And the husband is an English teacher called Alan? Could be dull. But we have good news! Wanderlust is excellent. Even better, Joy is played by Toni Collette who could give an Oscar-worthy performance just by reading out the back of a shampoo bottle, and Alan is played by The Halcyon’s Steven Mackintosh. No shampoo bottles are necessary because playwright Nick Payne (Constellations) has delivered a script that is funny and pacy and also very, very truthful. Sometimes painfully so. What we get is a drama that takes a hard look at marriage, monogamy and the thorny connections between love and lust and sex. While Joy and Alan are having their Bedroom Issues, their two kids are navigating problems of their own: hormone-filled teenager Tom is desperate to get going, and grown-up daughter Naomi is suffering the heartbreak of rejection. The complete article can be read Radio Times.

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“The Yellow Birds” has been released on DVD and Blu-Ray on August 14, following an on-demand release back in June. If your reaction is “The Yellow… what?”, here’s a little catch-up. The contemporary war drama was announced back in 2015 and went on sale at Cannes the next year. It premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2017 and was held back over 1 1/2 years, probably to await the release of “Solo: A Star Wars Story” with its very own Alden Ehrenreich, in hopes to make a bigger splash. As the story goes, “Solo” didn’t make an impression as all, and despite the wait, “The Yellow Birds” was quietly released on-demand and now on home-video. It doesn’t surprise too much, since war movies continue to not have a market for a long time now, and not even Jennifer Aniston’s involvement would secure a solid box office response. She and Toni Collette play the mothers of two boys sent to Iraq, with only one coming back. Make sure to rent or buy it, it’s a solid movie. Screencaptures from the Blu-Ray have been added to the photo gallery.

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The BBC1/Netflix series “Wanderlust” will premiere October 19 in the United States, Entertainment Weekly has revealed exclusively. “Wanderlust is an exploration of love and sex and how we navigate our relationships today. It focuses on a married couple, Joy [Collette] and Alan [Steven Mackintosh], whose sex life is flat-lining, so they come to the conclusion that they are going to try something more radical to resuscitate it,” executive producers Jude Liknaitzky and Roanna Benn tell EW. “But the show also explores the impact their decision has on those around them and shows how everyone is struggling with or exploring sex. We always wanted to make a show that looked at sex in a truthful way and honestly showed how crucial sex is to relationships.” Collette’s Joy is a therapist who is ” trying to find a way to keep her spark alive with her husband after a cycling accident causes them to reassess their relationship,” according to Netflix’s description of the series. “Toni was also our absolute dream casting,” the producers say. “Toni has it all — she is such a clever actress with such range. She has made Joy into an iconic character with such wit and depth and she makes her someone you just want to watch and watch.”

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Radio Times has answered our question on when “Wanderlust” will finally premiere: It will premiere in the United Kingdom on Tuesday 4th September at 9pm on BBC1, airing on Tuesdays thereafter. The six-part drama is actually a co-production with Netflix and will be available globally outside of the UK on Netflix. Written by award-winning playwright Nick Payne and loosely based on his 2010 theatre production of the same name, it tackles the question of whether lifelong monogamy is possible – or even desirable. The tone is “searingly insightful” but also “funny”. The BBC describes Joy as “a therapist trying to find a way to keep her spark with her husband alive after a cycling accident causes them to reassess their relationship,” adding: “As we meet her family, friends, neighbours and clients, remarkable yet relatable stories of love, lust and forbidden desire emerge.” Pictures from the teaser trailer have been added to the photo gallery.

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Article courtesy The Evening Standard: Toni Collette has admitted that she had to learn how to make sex scenes look “real” for her forthcoming role in the BBC’s raunchiest drama yet. Wanderlust, led by Colette and Steven Mackintosh, features sex scenes, drug use and masturbation throughout its six episodes. The two stars admitted that they were initially nervous about shooting the scenes but Colette explained that the content soon no longer fazed her, adding that it’s a “very lifelike show”. Collette said: “It’s a part of life. It’s a very lifelike show. It’s nice for it be out in the open. I mean, Jesus. I think I got quite used to it! “You can’t half halfheartedly act sexual scenes, you have to make it feel real, because you can tell when you’re watching something if it’s not energetic. “So, I was nervous at first but it’s such a part of Joy and Alan trying to find a way of making their relationship sustainable and I guess the more steeped I was in the story the easier it became, to be honest. “By the end of it, I had no concerns about it, it was just these people and what they were going through.” Wanderlust, set to air this autumn, follows Collette’s character Joy Richards as she tries to save her fast-failing marriage to Alan, played by Mackintosh, after a cycling accident leaves them reassessing their romance. Speaking alongside Collette, Luther star Mackintosh, added: “I agree. Of course, I was incredibly nervous to start with.

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