The Magazines Archive is a comprehensive collection of over 100 articles on and interviews with Toni Collette throughout the years over her career. Have a look and enjoy reading. If you have collected an article on Toni that is not listed below, feel free to drop me a line.

September 13, 2019
Oprah Magazine
How Toni Collette and Merritt Wever Prepared to Play Badass Detectives in Unbelievable
February 02, 2019
Toni Collette talks Velvet Buzzsaw
December 12, 2018
Consequence of Sound
Performance of the Year: Toni Collette Brought Our Deepest Family Fears To Nightmarish Life
November 07, 2018
Indie Wire
Toni Collette plays the kind of mom you don't often see
October 31, 2018
We Don't Deserve Toni Collette
September 29, 2018
Time Magazine
Toni Collette's Wanderlust Is the Best Netflix Drama You’re Not Watching
August 07, 2018
Out Magazine
Why We'll Always Be Head Over Heels for Toni Collette
June 17, 2018
The Boston Herald
Toni Collette’s Dramatic Driven Diva
June 13, 2018
Little White Lies
Toni Collette: This film tackles the idea that it’s taboo to talk about grief
June 08, 2018
New York Magazine
Toni Collette Just Made the Wildest Movie of Her Career
June 08, 2018
Parade Magazine
Toni Collette Compares Hereditary to In Her Shoes
May 31, 2018
The Los Angeles Times
How Toni Collette's turn in the year's scariest film lends 'Hereditary' its terrifying power
August 04, 2017
Yahoo! Movies
Toni Collette Likes the Recipe In New Fun Mom Dinner
Augusst 01, 2017
Moviemaker Magazine
Things I’ve Learned as a Moviemaker: Toni Collette
December 01, 2014
Gotham Magazine
Toni Collette's Role With Concern Worldwide US
March 28, 2014
The Washington Post
Toni Collette On ‘The Realistic Joneses’ and Why She Shaved Her Head
March 28, 2011
USA Today
United States of Toni
March 16, 2010
USA Today
Traveling with the Stars: Toni Collette
January 06, 2010
The Los Angeles Times
Toni Collette relishes juggling four personalities in 'Tara'
March 01, 2009
The Advocate
A-List: Toni Collette
January 19, 2009
The New Yorker
Altered States
January 15, 2009
USA Today
For Collette, complex "Tara" was an easy choice
January 15, 2009
The New York Times
Me, Myselves and I: Disparate Housewife
January 01, 2009
New York Magazine
Divide and Conquer
January 01, 2009
The Boston Globe
Toni Collette enjoys her role - all 4 of them
July 09, 2007
People Magazine
Toni Collette Expecting Her First Child
November 28, 2006
The Pittsburgh Post Gazette
Toni Collette is a star but doesn't act like one
August 14, 2006
The Los Angeles Times
Heavyweight, but only in acting
August 04, 2006
The Washington Post
Toni Collette's Doubly Strong Work Ethic
August 04, 2006
The Miami Herald
Toni Collette deserves success
August 01, 2006
The Staten Island Advance
Toni Collette: The Chamaeleon
July 30, 2006
The New York Daily News
Character Treats
July 25, 2006
Movies Online
Interview with Toni Collette
July 01, 2006
Time Out New York
Hot Seat: Toni Collette
July 26, 2006
Coming Soon
On the Road with Little Miss Sunshine
May 06, 2006
The New York Times
Toni Collette, Lovely When Necessary but Vulnerable Always
December 01, 2005
The Hollywood Reporter
Interview with Toni Collette
October 10, 2005
USA Today
MacLaine, Diaz, Collette fill "Shoes"
October 10, 2005
Newsweek Magazine
Q&A: Toni Collette
October 06, 2005
The Orlando Sentinel
Aussie Actress Toni Collette Connects Again in "In Her Shoes"
October 02, 2005
USA Weekend
Toni Collette
October 01, 2005
Venice Magazine
Toni Collette: A Rose by Any Other Name
September 01, 2004
Dark Horizons
The Last Shot: Interview with Toni Collette
April 01, 2004
Dark Horizons
Interview with Toni Collette
February 2004
Entertainment Weekly
Angel in the Outback
January 25, 2004
The Boston Globe
Toni Collette's joruney in the Outback
January 25, 2004
The Chicago Sun-Times
Toni Collette rides a steady wave of interesting roles
January 16, 2004
The New York Times
Back in the Spotlight after 10 Years
January 07, 2004
The San Francisco Chronicle
The Light Shines on Toni Collette
January 07, 2004
The New York Daily News
Toni can grin again
January 01, 2004
U Redlands Magazine
Outback where she belongs
December 01, 2003
People Magazine
Collettes Mines Desert for All It's Wort
November 01, 2003
Index Magazine
Interview with Toni Collette
September 01, 2003
Film Monthly
Toni Collette's Cathartic Role
May 17, 2002
USA Today
Collette a Cinematic Chameleon
May 14, 2002
TV Guide
Down Under for Good?
October 26, 2000
I was in love with Bruce Willis as a teenager
October 18, 2000
The Chicago Sun-Times
Each day a g'day for Toni Collette
July 09, 2000
The Chicago Sun-Times
Toni Collette's blockbuster night
July 01, 2000
Premiere Magazine
Red, hot and scewed
March 01, 2000
Time Out New York
Call of the Wild
March 01, 2000
Paper Magazine
Toni Collette takes center stage in "The Wild Party"
December 01, 1998
Interview Magazine
Toni Collette
August 01, 1998
Gold Rush
August 04, 1996
The San Francisco Chronicle
Aussie actress shines in the latest Austen outing
July 01, 1996
Movieline Magazine
Double Take
April 01, 1995
People Magazine
Let Her Eat Cake!
March 31, 1995
Entertainment Weekly
Princess Bride
March 01, 1995
Creative Loafing Magazine
P.J. Hogan and Toni Collette